Education at Khrist Jyoti Academy is designed to meet the need of each individual student. In today’s scenario, I strongly feel that in this competitive world the role of a school is not only to pursue academic excellence but also to motivate and empower students to be life long learners, critical thinkers, as well as help them to be self – directed, realistic, and responsible decision makers in solving problems that they will encounter in our multi-cultural ever changing world.

          In KJA every teacher being a facilitator identifies the talents, skills, and abilities of each student and thus encourage them to reach their fullest potential.

       We are striving hard to make the best possible efforts to inculcate strong values combining with academics and extra-curricular activities. A student harnessed in such an atmosphere has every hope and possibility to shoulder responsibilities of the society of which he /she forms an integral part. Our school has continued to monitor, maintain and sustain all good practices and so our traditions are celebrated and promoted appropriately.

          We strongly believe in the importance of teachers, parents, and administrators collaborating and communicating openly and frequently. I would like to end my reflection stating that the parents are the most strengthening power in moulding the future of children and their consistent support empowers us to do more and more. I pay my sincere gratitude to them for their faith in us.


Vikas Anthony

Vikas Anthony


Our Founders - Rev. Dr. George and Leela Chavanikamannil​

Khrist Jyoti Academy, Dehradun is a co-educational I.C.S.E school run by ‘Bharat Susamachar Samiti’ an indigenous non-profit educational and philanthropic society registered with the Registrar of Societies, Trust and Firms. BSS was born out of deep commitment and passion in the heart of the founders, Rev. Dr. George and Leela Chavanikamannil, to bring about holistic transformation in the lives of less privileged children, families and communities in north India. They shared their heart with the co-founders Rev. G. C. Kuruvilla & Annamma Kuruvilla. Thus the NGO started its journey in July 1987.


Khrist Jyoti Academy Dehradun which is one of the five schools run by the society, was founded in the year 2009 with 25 students under the leadership of Dr. George Oommen. Principal, Vikas Anthony took over the leadership from Mrs. Anjana Roji in 2014. Under the leadership of Mr. Anthony the school continues to grow and excel and reach for new heights. Right now the school has 552 students under the care of its efficient teachers and staff members.

Mr. Narendra Katare


MR. George C. Kuruvilla


Mr. t. rajan